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Give More, Recover Better with Active Iron

Posted by Active Iron on 21-Jun-2017 16:21:20

For every 1 pint of blood donated you need 6 months of Iron Supplements

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In the UK, 6,000 blood donations are needed every day to service the 2.1 million transfusions per year. These transfusions are critical in saving people’s lives. Haemoglobin and iron stores are a key factor in our blood and dictate a person’s eligibility to give blood.

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Oral Iron Supplements & Tooth Staining – How To Protect and Preserve Your Smile

Posted by Active Iron on 16-Jun-2017 13:06:45
  • Worried that your iron supplement will stain your teeth? With Active Iron, you won’t have to compromise on your smile to stay healthy.

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression – and studies have shown we can make our major decisions about a person within seven seconds of meeting them.

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Vegetarians And Active Iron – What You Need To Know About Next-Gen Supplements

Posted by Active Iron on 09-Jun-2017 09:34:50
Choosing a vegetarian diet is about health, personal well-being and the good of our shared environment. It can be a profoundly positive choice. And it should not come with stress about your iron levels.

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“I’ve been taking Active Iron for six weeks now, it’s been a great, haven’t noticed any side-effects and it has definitely helped with my energy levels,”

Posted by Active Iron on 24-May-2017 16:05:51

When Sinead O’Moore became pregnant, she did what a lot of first-time mums do and took time-out to think about her diet, fitness and general well-being.

Already a pretty active person, who ate well and read widely on nutrition, Sinead did a little “health audit”, to look at what would be best for her and for baby over the coming months.

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Iron Pills And Pregnancy – How The Right Supplement Can Make A Real Difference For Mums And Babies

Posted by Active Iron on 10-May-2017 14:00:00

Expecting parents may sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the advice they get on nutrition, vitamins and supplements.

 But every mum-and-dad-to-be will want to know what’s best for their baby and stay up to date on the latest research and advice.

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For Elite Athletes Or Just Active Exercisers – Iron Deficiency Is An Often Over-Looked But Crucial Issue.

Posted by Active Iron on 03-May-2017 13:10:00

At just 16, Gill McGirr is an accomplished athlete already performing at an elite level. The Cork rower and her partner have just been selected to represent Ireland at the European Championships in Dusseldorf, Germany at the end of May.

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Active Exercisers

Posted by Active Iron on 27-Apr-2017 12:06:43

Elite athletes and active exercisers will focus – more than most – on health, nutrition and the building-blocks their bodies need for performance and endurance.

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Getting Enough Iron From Your Diet – Why Even Healthy Eating May Not Be Enough

Posted by Active Iron on 20-Apr-2017 13:20:00

You exercise, you eat healthily, get as much information as you can about nutrition and may even take multivitamins or iron tablets.

But if you still feel fatigued, suffer from symptoms such as cold hands and feet, shortness of breath or notice you skin is paler than usual, you could well have iron deficiency.

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'I'm telling all my friends about it, can’t recommend it highly enough!'

Posted by Active Iron on 10-Feb-2017 18:00:00

Mairead is ‘absolutely delighted’ with how she is feeling since she started taking Active Iron almost 3 months ago. As a busy working mum with 2 kids, and turning 50 soon, she was looking for something to take to help her with this constant feeling of tiredness. She has found it in Active Iron, so much so that she is telling all her friends that they should be taking it too.

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'I have never had a problem taking it Active Iron – no side effects, no constipation or tummy problems.'

Posted by Active Iron on 10-Feb-2017 16:00:00

Ciara is 40 and has just had her first baby. With a 6 month old and running her own business she is very busy. She has been taking Active Iron for the past month and thinks it is brilliant.

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Are You At Risk Of Having Low Iron?

Most At Risk:

  • Women & girls who are menstruating.
  • Vegetarians.
  • Female Athletes.
  • People with inflammatory bowel conditions such as Crohn's Disease & Ulcerative Colitis and people who are obese.
  • Frequent Blood Donors.
  • The need for iron also increases in pregnancy.

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